Finally a case that portrays your soul

We will personally accompany you in the creation of a custom lightweight ergonomic case that you will love to take on all of your future endeavors

Are you a musician who cannot stay in the same place for a long period of time?

Then you can probably relate to many of the following situations, with your instrument:

  • Taking your instrument on the bus or train, fearful that other passengers have carelessly placed their belongings in a manner that may endanger your instrument, or nervous that the bus will run over a bump and cause your instrument to go flying
  • Transporting your instrument unsafely via bike
  • Willing to have a case that is an extension of yourself and not just like every other case, especially after having spent so much time carefully picking out the perfect instrument for your personal needs and wants
  • Taking your accordion on a plane in two separate parts
  • Having to choose between a soft shell case that provides little protection and gets soaked in the rain, or a heavy rigid case that you have to drag with a cart or painfully and awkwardly carry under one arm

I’m Maider, engineer, cellist, and an authentic lover of design

I love the name LumaSuite because it combines the names “Luma” (feather in Euskara, evoking feelings of lightness and freedom) and “Suite” (a comfortable/luxurious room and type of musical work).

I have been working with expert luthiers, frequently travelling musicians, and exceptional ergonomists, nonstop over the past four years, in order to come up with our revolutionary carbon fiber cases. Our mission is to make travelling with your prestigious instruments a less stressful experience.

Original and attending to your needs

"I spent years searching for an accordion case that is both practical and light, but also especially rigid, resistant, and waterproof.

Betting on LumaSuite has been a huge success, the case is well supported in the back and my accordion is protected, as it should be.

Many thanks to Maider and the LumaSuite team for listening to musicians."

Alexandre Prusse, Lille (France)

"Thank you so much LumaSuite for this amazing case! I got this case, after winning 'PIF Castelfidardo' international accordion competition.

Compared to other cases, this case has modern and fresh design, it is made of carbon fibre and the most important fact: it is light and comfortable.

It also makes a great impression on everyone. I have no doubt that I will use it for many years!"

Vladimir Stupnikov, St. Petersburg (Russia)

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