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October 26, 2017
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25 years of ‘Arrasate Hiria’ International accordion competition

It's been nothing more and nothing less than 42 years, since the Guipuzcoan Accordion Confederation, which is now called Hauspoz, created the first contest in this Basque city to promote the world of accordion. Teachers, students, composers and accordionists who take their first steps towards the professional musical world are invited.

This competition, which is held this year from 7th to 10th December, aims to reward the efforts of teachers and students through healthy competition and the staging of the young accordion promises of the moment. Thank you for showing your art!

Photograph: Esti Veintemillas. It shows last year International Contest winners: Aydar Salakhov, Jianan Tian and José Valente.

The Legend of Mondragón

First of all, I wanted to tell you that the origin of the name of this city has a legend: the legend of the dragon. According to Wikipedia, Mondragón (name in Spanish for Basque Arrasate) comes from 'Montdragon', because in the mount Santa Bárbara there lived a dragon, which terrorised the inhabitants of Arrasate and the environment.
The less romantic peploe believe that this story was an invention of the King Alfonso X The Wise, who in 1620 founded the city (he had much imagination), or that comes from the gentleman Frey Guillen de Mondragón, an intimate friend of the king.
If you look at the photo, the prize is shaped like a dragon, now you know why!

Beginnings of the association

The accordionist Aitor Furundarena talks in this interview about the accordion and the Hauspoz association. As the accordion is a very versatile instrument, it can take different paths. During one time, the association pushed the path of romantic classical music.
Today, both classical and contemporary styles are encouraged, and indeed, according to Aitor, Hauspoz has found his place in contemporary music.

Participation Record

Last year, the international jury, made up of Geir Draugsvoll (Norway), Friedrich Lips (Russia), Vojin Vasovic (Serbia), Iñaki Alberdi (Euskadi) and Matti Rantanen (Finland) participated in the most popular edition: about 400 accordionists from 12 different countries, according to the data of EITB !

Women Winners of the Contest

In this interesting article it is noted that during these past 24 editions of the contest, only two women have won, and curiously the two are Chinese:
  • Jianan Tian, winner of last year
  • Hanhi Wang, winner of last year

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