What’s inside LumaSuite cases?

Imagine a case so original, it will be impossible to go unnoticed

Do you remember the definitive feeling you had when you first held your instrument and said, “This is the one for me”? After an exhausting search and countless doubts, you finally found your instrument, “The one”. Maybe you thought that you could never have the same feeling when it comes to cases.

What is the secret? These cases are UNIQUE...

  • because during these past four years, we have been working with local workshops, suppliers of European materials and accessories, as well as designers with a profound passion for their work.
  • because we have contacted world-class luthiers, ergonomists, and experts in composite materials.
  • because we understand, firsthand, the challenging life of a musician.
  • and definitely not just because we have said it, it is because you have designed it.

Three key notes on our artisan production

We work with local sustainable workshops that specialize in using technical materials to build busses, trains, vans, and boats. In addition, we have done tests with countless materials at research centers, such as Gaiker, and meet professionals in UPV university and San Joan de Déu Hospital (experts in children's ergonomics).

1. We design the final case

2. We prepare the mold

3. We extend the fiber by hand

4. We apply an air-vacuum so that the resin reaches everywhere and the case is compacted

5. We prepare, sand, and paint the case

6. We assemble and sew the customized interior

It all started as a game

My name is Maider. I am a telecommunications engineer, even though I could have been an architect, a veterinarian, or a thousand other professions. Since I was little, I have been curious about practically everything. The one thing that has sparked my interest more than anything else is music... I have played the cello since I was nine years old.

This endeavor all started by chance and from a blank page, when I worked for a company that builds equipment to locate neutrons and other tiny invisible particles. One day, a piece of equipment arrived that strikingly resembled the shape of my cello.

I can only invite you to see for yourself our latest creations:

Join me as I sit on these stairs and tell you a little bit more about myself.

  • I was born on November 6, 1983. I was born in Irun, Spain. Because of this, I am quite fond of Txingudi Bay.
  • I love all eco-stuff, nature and my little dog Kai.
  • I speak Spanish, Basque, English, and Italian. I speak a rudimentary level of French as well. In the team there is also a Russian speaker.

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