The first and the only to manufacture carbon fibre accordion cases

Have you noticed that the accordion world is beginning to change? Join the future

We tell you what the cases include and how you can create yours step by step.

ALL accordion cases include

  • Modern, fresh and original Italian design to let your case speak for you and not leave anyone indifferent

  • Stainless steel closures with a lock so that they do not open accidentally or rust if you live near the sea

  • Freedom of movement thanks to its 3kg of weight and ergonomic structure of 57cm x 29cm x 54cm

  • Genuine leather or textile straps for more class and comfort, and soft black interior adapted to your accordion

These are the extras you can add

  • Wheels to wait comfortably in the queue at airports without bending over

  • GPS, temperature and humidity sensor to know how your accordion feels

  • Intermediate covers to divide the case into two halves and reduce its size

  • Maintenance and re-styling so that you won't need to buy another case again

Step 0

How it is mounted and how can you wear it

Before we explain the next steps, let's show you the details of a real case while mounting it.

accordion luxury squared carbon case sequence 0

Place your accordion and the scores

Accordion luxury squared carbon case sequence 1

Now the straps

accordion luxury squared carbon case sequence 3

Join the two parts of the case

accordion luxury squared carbon case sequence 3

Close the 4 closures

Step 1

Check that your accordion fits in the mold

We make the cases one by one in Spain with a mold of inner size 52cm high, 24cm deep and 49cm long. These measures fit the vast majority of high-end button accordions on the market.

If your accordion is smaller, we adapt it inside without additional costs.

Step 2

Choose if you prefer carbon fibre or glass, starting with the basic designs

If you have questions about the material, look at the FAQ page . The basic cases weigh approximately the same, about 3kg.

  • The basic fibreglass case is white or black (matte or glossy).
  • The carbon case, in addition to these colors, can be left in carbon look, to see the pattern of the lattice. These frames are called twill (herringbone design) or plain (squares).

The white paint is special, it is used on windmills to slow the deterioration against the continuous wear of the wind.

LumaSuite fiber glass accordion case and carbon case

Step 3

Don't you want to split it?

If you don't need to split the case and place the intermedite lids, choose the New Edition. It is available in carbon, fiberglass and in the 5 signature designs (see the next steps). You will love it because its:

  • new opening system for placing the accordion in only 1 minute
  • comfortable carrying in one piece
  • optional handle, wheels and interior pocket for accordion straps

Step 4

Personalize the case with your style or choose from one of the five designs in the collection of various colors

You can discover all the suggestions in the link below.

LumaSuite Diagonalink carbon accordion case


LumaSuite Duplo carbon accordion case


LumaSuite Milk carbon accordion case


LumaSuite Mondrian carbon accordion case


LumaSuite Geometrik carbon accordion case


Step 5

Want one of the 4 exclusive cases of the Limited Edition?

We have made them with a lot of effort in a particularly hard and luxurious carbon, with a chessboard design. This type of design is fashionable for high-end finishes on helmets, cars and furniture. These jewels come with all the accessories: intermediate caps and wheels.

Step 6

Add on any finishing touches

  • Stainless steel wheels. They serve for smooth surfaces like concert halls or for not crouching in the long wait in the queue of the airport.
  • Intermediate covers. They can be in carbon or glass, depending on the material and exterior design of the main case they accompany. They serve to separate the accordion in two, so a very good friend can help you carry it.
  • GPS, temperature and humidity sensor. You will know all this through the web and you will be able to set alerts.
  • Ergonomic waist belt for releasing 5kg of the accordion weight from your shoulders.
  • Additional handles, waist belt, internal or external cushions or specific needs.

LumaSuite carbon fibre black matte accordion case wheels
accordion case intermediate cover for detachable case
LumaSuite Limited Edition carbon fiber accordion case with waist belt.

Step 7

Write us an email with any inquiries and we’ll make your ideas a reality

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