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Alexandre Prusse in 5 questions

LumaSuite blog- Interview Alexandre Prusse main photo

LumaSuite blog- Interview Alexandre Prusse main photo

In this post, I am pleased to introduce you to our very first French LumaSuiter, Alexandre Prusse. Friendly, daring, and well-traveled, he’s answered these 5 questions for us over appetizers at a bar in San Sebastián, Spain.

When did you begin studying music?

I started at the age of 9 in Perpignan, France with Doris Stiegler. My uncle played the musette accordion, and I told my mother that I wanted to learn to play as well. But in reality I saw the light in 2008, after two weeks of classes with professor Jacques Mornet and composer Franck Angelis, in a town close to Clermont Ferrand, France. That was when I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to music and left everything to pursue it full-time.

After those classes with Jacque, I went to an advanced-curriculum conservatory, ESMD, in Lille, France, to take classes with professor Vincent Lhermet. Now I’m studying for my master’s at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Ah, I see. What did you want to be before you decided on becoming a full-time musician?

Something like an audio engineer or a computer techie.

What are some of your favorite génres?

Here in France, folk is pretty typical. Although contemporary pieces are common too, and I work with both. I prefer modern music, not jazz, but contemporary music. I like to work with other musicians as well, and I play chamber music with cellists, violinists, singers, etc…

What is your job as an accordionist?

I participate in various groups playing chamber music, for example I worked with Flora Guichard, a violinist, in a duet, and played violin and cello with the Trio LUBIN. We played pieces by Schubert, Cavanna, Hersant, Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla…

I also loved participating in a theater company called ´Le Festin Anne Laure Liégeois´ working with a piece titled 'Les Soldats'. I like doing projects with other disciplines, working with actors, ballerinas… I always discover many new things and there are always very very interesting moments.

" I like doing projects with other disciplines, working with actors, ballerinas… I always discover many new things and there are always very very interesting moments."
What are your plans for the future?

For years I’ve taught music to children, which I plan to continue. Next year, I will finish my master’s program. After that, I don’t know what will happen (laughs), but I think I would like to return to the north of France, to Lille. I hope to continue playing in as many concerts as now, at the least.

Good luck with everything Alexandre and hope to see you again soon!

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