I want to see you as happy as me with your cello case

I’ll tell you what’s up and how you can personalize it

We originally started with a 3/4 and 4/4 cello mold. The smaller mold was used for the viola da gamba. We have since decided to focus our attention and improve upon on the 4/4 cello mold these facts:

  1. Lightweight but both durable and stable
  2. Pleasant look, as well as practical
  3. More environmentally friendly making process than carbon fibre, because we need to use more material than used for violin or accordion cases

So what happened? We decided to use eco-friendly linen

We first start with a crude/unpleasant fabric, such as what is used to make sacks. We then harden the fabric with the same process used to harden carbon fibre, until the surface is rigid. Its appearance is original, different, and homely.

The linen composite is used in high end designer furniture, such as with tables and chairs. We are currently testing this case model (with a cello from the 1800s if I might add) and will let you know when we are 100% satisfied with the results!

In the meantime, we can show you what the kit will include, and how you can create yours in just three easy steps.

ALL cello cases include

  • The warm handmade ecological linen transmits your incredible value as a musician

  • Stainless Steel secured locks don't open by a gust of wind or rust if you live by the sea.

  • Move with its 4kg of weight and its ergonomic structure of size 1.35m x 0.4m x 0.3m

  • Inner pouch can be removed to be used as a case for pencils, rosin and strings

These are the extras you can add if you want

  • 5 exclusive modern fresh Italian design trends, to help you shine even more

  • GPS, temperature and moisture tracker to know the current state of your cello

  • Maintenance and re-styling for youto never buy another case again

Step 1

Start with the basics

LumaSuite eco linen cello case front handle
LumaSuite eco linen cello case side handle
LumaSuite linen cello case back
LumaSuite eco linen cello case side
LumaSuite linen cello case instrument inside

Step 2

Do you like the new collection?

Here are our favorite examples. You can download the whole collection in the button bellow.

LumaSuite estuche de chelo en lino ecológico diseño Diagonalink






Step 3

Contact us

If your cello measurements are not standard, let us know.

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