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Do you remember the definitive feeling you had when you first held your instrument and said: “this is the one for me”?

Perhaps you have never thought that you could repeat that feeling with its case.

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LumaSuite bicycle cello case
Estuche de violín de carbono en moto

Are you a musician who cannot stay in the same place for a long period of time?

Then you can probably relate to many of the following situations, with your instrument:

  • You need to carry safely your instrument on a plane, bus, train, motorcycle, even on a bike. You don’t want to worry about the passengers who have carelessly placed their belongings in a manner that may endanger your instrument.

  • You have a soft shell case that provides little protection and gets soaked in the rain, or a heavy rigid case that you have to drag with a cart or painfully and awkwardly carry under one arm.

  • You have carefully chosen your instrument but you have the feeling you have not done the same with its case. It is like every other case, the same as everyone’s.

These cases are unique because…

  • After 5 years working with world-class luthiers, nonconformist musicians, and ergonomists, we are clear on the keys to instrument transport.

  • Our artisan production is eco friendly and we understand, firsthand, the challenging life of a musician.

  • In short… not because we say so, but because you can design it, focusing on freedom of movement, your health and your value as a musician.


Original and attending to your needs

The exclusive, carefully planned Italian design allows you to move freely and elegantly on public transports.

Our recipe is ergonomics + artisanship + composite materials. Your instrument travels protected from day to day wear & tear, as well as the rain. It even takes the load off your back.

We create our cases, one by one, so that you can stand out and project your artistic image in this highly competitive world.

I’m Maider, engineer, cellist, and an authentic lover of design

I am a telecommunications engineer, even though I could have been an architect, a veterinarian, or a thousand other professions. Since I was little, I have been curious about practically everything. The one thing that has sparked my interest more than anything else is music… I have played the cello since I was nine years old.

I started LumaSuite by chance and from a blank page, when I worked for a company that builds equipment to detect neutrons and other tiny invisible particles. One day, a piece of equipment arrived that strikingly resembled the shape of my cello.

I love the name LumaSuite because it combines the names Luma (feather in Euskara, evoking feelings of lightness and freedom) and Suite (a comfortable/luxurious room and type of musical work).

I can only invite you to see for yourself our latest creations:

What LumaSuiters say about us

LumaSuite-PIF 2019 with Owen Murray and Giancarlo Palena At last I have a case that will make travelling with my accordion a lot less stressful! It is beautifully made and protects my instrument from the many hazards one often experiences when travelling. I am totally reliant on my accordion to be able to do my work. And it is equally reliant on me to protect it. Thank you Luma Suite.

Milos Milivojevic is the first English LumaSuiter accordionist. My beautiful Pigini accordion has been described in many reviews as the Rolls Royce of the accordion world. Performing and travelling all over the world means that my instrument needs special care and attention. I am very lucky and privileged to be using a LumaSuite case. The quality is simply fantastic. Its precise craftsmanship, elegance, and more than anything, the quality of its build can be compared with the best of luggage manufacturers, such as Samsonite, Rimowa, Antler and Carlton; these cases are built to last a lifetime. I would strongly recommend this case to all of my friends and colleagues and to accordion lovers all over the world. I know that you will be delighted just like I am!

Angel Luis Quintana wears a LumaSuite cello case for his Soldato As if they were fine lutherie, LumaSuite cello cases are in charge of Maider and are extraordinary. My case, designed by LumaSuite for the J. Guadagnini cello and for the Columbus Foundation to which it belongs, is delicate, strong, flexible, personalized, with exclusive dedication and maintenance. The linen composite is a beautiful material, unique: it is the future. Its zipper system is very special. I am very happy, thanks a million. Proud to be wearing it.

Servane Io Le Moller wears LumaSuite accordion case Accordion is a heavy and fragile instrument, which makes it difficult to travel with. Yet the cases proposed on the market are very basic. That’s why when I found out about LumaSuite I thought: finally! For me it’s a very big step for the instrument which can now have the protection it needs. I feel much safer now traveling, the waist belt is making a huge difference on the weight and I really love the design! LumaSuite cases are very unique, so thank you Maider for starting this. It’s so nice to meet a person so passionate about what she does.

Servane Io Le Moller, Accordion player from Athens

Vladimir Stupnikov wearing a LumaSuite case Thank you so much LumaSuite for this amazing case! I got this case, after winning ‘PIF Castelfidardo’ international accordion competition. Compared to other cases, this case has modern and fresh design, it is made of carbon fibre and the most important fact: it is light and comfortable. It also makes a great impression on everyone. I have no doubt that I will use it for many years!

Alexandre Prusse wears carbon LumaSuite case I spent years searching for an accordion case that is both practical and light, but also especially rigid, resistant, and waterproof. Betting on LumaSuite has been a huge success, the case is well supported in the back and my accordion is protected, as it should be. Many thanks to Maider and the LumaSuite team for listening to musicians.

Povilas Neliupsis-LumaSuite glassfiber accordion case My first trip with my case was to China and I absolutely fell in love with my case. First of all, my accordion is inside a ‘tank’. Then it’s really stylish, everyone was looking at me. And the last but not least, I found many friends just by carrying my accordion inside luma suite, because everyone was interested :)

Povilas Neliupsis, Accordion student from Kedainiai

Jürgen Nigg LumaSuite review The case is stable, light an elegant. Carrying it on the back feels good. A little bit of carefulness and familiarisation is needed to open or close it, to case and uncase the accordion. But after two days of practise it works perfectly. Taking the bus or train does not cause worries anymore, neither does walking through a crowd of people.

Dirk overbeek, Lumasuiter from Nederlands As an accordionist in the Netherlands I’m using my bike and public transport almost every day. For many years I was using a backpack, but I was always searching for something else, a case that also could provide more protection, and more support for my back. Thanks to my LumaSuite case, I’m now always traveling with my instrument very comfortable and supported on my back, reducing the pressure on my shoulders thanks to the additional waist belt. And thanks to the very strong construction of the case, I have no worries at all that something could happen to my instrument while being on the road!

Ander BlascoThe main improvement I’ve seen since I got the case is that, compared to the case I had before for carrying the accordion, now it doesn’t pull so much backwards where it has the fasteners for the straps, so it makes it more comfortable to walk with the accordion on my back. Moreover, the fact that the case is rigid, but can be carried as a backpack, means that when making long trips, in a bus for example, I do not have to carry the accordion with the suitcase I had before, having to leave the case at home. As the accordion is well padded, I know that during the trip it will not suffer any damage.

Jana Bezpalcová with her LumaSuite accordion case In a few words: the case brings much more comfort for me and for my accordion too. And last but not least, it looks very elegant. I know that some cases have a handle on the side near the buttons. I’m glad, my case is without it – it’s maybe practical, but it doesn’t look so nice, like my case :-)

Jesús Mozo - LumaSuite The accordion case manufactured by Lumasuite is versatile, comfortable and easy to use, with a modern design. The production, adjusted to the measurements of the instrument and the needs of the instrumentalist, creates an interesting symbiosis. In addition, Maider’s (Manager of LumaSuite) manner with musicians is exceptional, both from a professional and personal point of view. Congratulations to the LumaSuite team.

LumaSuite New Edition carbon accordion case by Samuele Telari. Finally a case that does justice to the instrument! The feeling of wearing a solid case, which protects the instrument from vibrations and shocks, is fantastic. The weight of the accordion is also better distributed. The additional belt also helps the back, especially on long trips. And last but not least, all of this is combined with fantastic aesthetics. It’s nice to be told “it’s beautiful” before you put on the accordion!

Cordeone Loïc Da Silva LumaSuite review wearing Limited Edition case This case is the best case I ever had for my accordion. It’s safe, solid but light and very comfortable for my back. It’s beautiful and adaptable. I’m definitely happy with LumaSuite.

Manca Dornik with her carbon accordion case LumaSuite As a musician, do you know the feeling of fear when going to public transport with your instrument? And most people don’t mind that you have a valuable instrument there, which is protected only by soft fabric? Honestly, I always had some problems with it – either people hitting case when going outside the public transport, and also sometimes the bumps while traveling by bus, metro etc. Not to mention the airports and the raining or snowing weather. As seeking for accordion carbon case, which is already a very common type of case among many other instruments, I have come across the Luma Suite company, the only one who produces them. After some months of using it, I can definitely undersign that their case is the most useful and most protecting case for my accordion – not only for those bumps, but the case also showed excellent results in hard weather conditions and on long travels – having also ergonomically features for transferring the weight of instrument with help of waist belt away from my shoulders. The company and their director Maider isn’t just one among big companies, where they don’t give care for their customers – Luma Suite company is rather quite small, but very professional and warmhearted company, dedicating lots of effort to customers to build case specific for their needs, listening customers, having in minds problems of musicians with their valuable instruments and traveling, alongside with being considerate and helpful. If you value your accordion and wish to be fully protected, then this carbon accordion case is definitely to go. I am already looking forward to protecting my Pigini Nova on all upcoming journeys and festivals.

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ViolinoLumaSuite violin case in skateboard.
Cello case by bike in the border Spain-France

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