You can’t imagine that they (and she) also played the accordion.

I present to you a journey of 200 years of mysterious artists who have played the accordion, although it has not transcended. Four characters famous for their writing, film and singing skills. Great artists. Will you come with me and meet them?

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

His childhood was more of a horror story, although it inspired him to create his best known works. When he was a child his father went to prison, and as it was typical at that time, he took his whole family with him. The only one who was saved was Charles because he was too young.

Charles had little time to go to school, at 12 he was already working in a textile factory. He learned the piano and violin, but teachers din’t think much of him. Anyway, Dickens persevered.
As soon as he started making money on his novels, Charles Dickens bought an accordion. Then a piano.
He liked popular songs, Mozart and the musicians of his time. He went to as many concerts as he could, and kept up to date with the music of his time.

Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)

No doubt that Charles Chaplin had musical skills, because his parents were variety singers and actors.
In fact, they enjoyed some success, especially their mother.

His father was an alcoholic and ended up abandoning his wife and two children. The mother sang for a living, even though her voice was beginning to fail. In fact, when Charlie was five, in the middle of a song, he couldn’t go on any longer. So, Chaplin went on stage and imitated her. The audience burst out laughing. That was his first show.

LumaSuite blog- 4 famous people who played accordion. Bruce Willis, Ella Fiztzerald, Charlie Chaplin and Charles Dickens.

Ella Fiztzeral (1917-1996)

Winner of 14 Grammy Awards, along with Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, she is the most important singer in the history of jazz. Her childhood was dramatic, marked by poverty, her father’s abandonment and her mother’s death. She still enjoyed dancing, playing the piano and singing in a school choir.
Ella ended up running away from home, school, reform school and even a hospice. What she didn’t escape from was listening to the radio recordings of Louis Armstrong and the Boswell Sisters.
When she was 17, she won a singing contest at the Apollo Theater in New York. Ella sang a version of a song in the style of one of the Boswell sisters, whom she admired so much.

Bruce Willis (1955)

Did you know that Bruce started the theatre to overcome his stuttering? It was during his adolescence, after his parents separated. In his own words:

I could hardly speak. I needed three minutes to complete one sentence. It was overwhelming for someone who wanted to express himself to others, and who wanted to be heard, but simply couldn’t. It was awful.

It wasn’t until I took on the role of a character in a play that I lost my babble. It was phenomenal” .

In 1987, he began as a musician recording a pop-blues album, ‘The Return of Bruno’, which included the hit ‘Respect Yourself’. In 1989 he released his second soul music album.
The critics have praised Bruce‘s bluesy voice, and his excellent command of the harmonica.