No musical professional is free from possibly suffering something that inhibits their musical ability. It could be due to anything from a catastrophic bike wreck like that of Jesús Mozo, or a muscular injury from playing their instrument constantly like that of our Musicgrama creator. These artists have experienced the hardship of coping with such situations first-hand.

They did not panic, but continued to be successful (with flying colors!), and even happy during their hardships. Because of this, we are pleased to share their experiences with you along with some advice they have shared with me.

  1. Before anything else, find an adequate medical professional; inform yourself. The best sources of information are your trusted companions, friends or artists who have experienced a similar incident. In today’s world, there are traumatologists, doctors and physical therapists who are highly skilled and specialize in treating musicians and/or ballerinas.
  2. Form a good relationship with your doctor, make sure that you have confidence in them. You have to feel that they take your concerns, circumstances and needs to heart. To guarantee that you successfully reach the end of the healing process, it is essential to have a good connection with your specialist(s) of choice.
  3. Do everything that your doctors tell you. Without excuses. In the beginning, the exercises will be painful, but little by little they will get better and your threshold of pain will increase.
  4. Maintain contact with your doctor so that the evolution of your treatment can be regulated and won’t be hurried or rushed. There are many types of rehabilitation that can last anywhere from a month and a half to two years or more.
  5. Return to your studies and performances gradually and decisively, without fear.

As seen, the three key elements of recuperation are these: have confidence in your medical professionals; work consistently and constantly with your injury and instrument; and always maintain hope.

Take care of yourself and bring on the healing!

Photo by Alex on Unsplash.