A special second edition

The second edition of the contest Aris del Puerto has summoned students from El Bierzo and the region of Catsilla León, to give the best of themselves and their accordions. I arrived from there yesterday, so I tell you my personal experience with fresh memories :)

First day meetings

On Friday afternoon, October 25th, Raúl Álvarez Martín opened the contest with a very special lecture. He toured the history of the accordion since its birth, including accordionists and composers who were a milestone in the development of this instrument. Afterwards, Jesús Mozo performed several solo works with his accordion. Among them, the absolute premiere of ‘Deprofundido’ of Pablo Chin. I was very surprised and grateful that Pablo traveled from New York to Ponferrada to explain in person his work: three movements where he explores rhythmic bass sounds and their relationship with electronic music.

Aris del Puerto accordion contest- With Jorge waiting for the teachers of the conservatory Cristóbal Halffter.

With Jorge waiting for the teachers of the conservatory Cristóbal Halffter

Aris del Puerto accordion contest- Accordion of 1920 and the LumaSuite award accordion case

This is the 1940 accordion from the competition poster

Aris del Puerto accordion contest-LumaSuite, Raúl Álvarez, Pablo Chin and Jesús Mozo

Jorge, me, Raúl Álvarez, Pablo Chin and Jesús Mozo

Moments of the second day

On Saturday the 26th, the final was disputed and also the music schools of the area were exhibited. At the end, I gave the prize of a LumaSuite accordion case, but I didn’t dare to draw the ballot from the draw. We looked for the most innocent hand, which turned out to be the little one in family.

Aris del Puerto accordion contest-Norberto Magín

Norberto Magín

Aris del Puerto accordion contest-Víctor Vigo

Víctor Vigo

A moment of the concert of the music schools

Full concentration

Aris del Puerto accordion contest-final prize

The most innocent hand

Judith Pardo has just received the award case

Aris del Puerto

I have left for the end the part I like the most, as with desserts. It turns out that the contest is called as the mother of Maite and Julita, in love with the accordion but without the opportunity to study it. Following her passing away, Maite and her sister had the great idea to be inspired by her dream: a contest that visibilizes and supports accordionists in the area. Some come and some go, but the accordion stays.

Here I introduce you to Mar, from the Instituto de Estudios Bercianos and Maite, Aris’ daughter. Wonderful women who have put all their heart and effort into this endearing event. Bravo!

With the director of the conservatory, Jesús, Mar, Raúl and Maite