An online meeting platform for musicians

I recently discovered Musicgrama, the virtual meeting point where musicians can advertise their bands, buy and sell instruments and accessories, find other people for their musical projects and be informed of job offers. And where, in addition to having room for musicians, there is room for all professionals related to the world of music. I couldn’t resist being part of this big family :)

LumaSuite blog- Musicgrama front

That’s why I want to introduce you to its creator, and let you discover why and how this fantastic web portal for musicians has been created.

How did music enter your life?

I started at the age of 9 with the trumpet, before I played the piano but I am on the way to being a professional trumpet player and devoting myself fully to music. There are moments of great pressure and in one of them I suffered a muscle injury. At that time I played in 10 bands: I suddenly found out that I didn’t know how or where to look for substitutes .

There was some information on the internet, but finding someone by that way took a lot of time and was not easy. In addition, there was no single simple site that gathered information and offers for musicians. Then, it was clear to me that the web portal Musicgrama was necessary.

Was it easy to create the platform?

Buf, from the very first moment I was clear that Musicgrama would be the web portal that would include everything related to the world of music, but what was more difficult was to design a useful, intuitive and simple platform for any kind of user.

It was at that moment, when I took advantage of the time I was not spending in rehearsing to investigate the websites that already existed, and I designed exactly how I wanted it to be Musicgrama. The help of the team of programmers has been very important in the whole process of creation and design of the web portal.

That is, you took advantage of the time of the injury to create the whole project…

Yes, these have been very hard years, in which I have had to start from scratch to relearn the correct trumpet technique with a specialist musician and doctor. At the same time, I have taken the opportunity to dedicate all the time that has been necessary to the creation of the web portal and all the formalities that this implied.

I have also done online courses about various aspects of business, as well as to know the new advertising and commercial strategies that are being implemented in large companies. I recommend every entrepreneur to be up to date in all these aspects and to continue in constant training.

“I’ve always admired people who do things in a different way, and whose purpose is to improve the day-to-day lives of many people.”

By the way, what kind of music do you like?

The truth is that I like everything. I have always studied classical music, although now I am more focused on jazz.

Finally, how do you see music entrepreneurship in Spain?

Currently entrepreneurship in Spain is not at all easy. Starting with the long procedures and continuing with the high costs of keeping a company active… with or without profits. In my city, for example, there is a lot of mentoring for entrepreneurs, which is good, but I think that what an entrepreneur needs most is economic support and support from institutions.

In my case, my family’s support has been and continues to be crucial. I have always admired people who do things in a different way, and whose purpose is to improve the daily life of many people. For those who are going to start a company… I advise patience, a lot of patience.

I want to send a hug to all music entrepreneurs, like Flor, and thanks to Òscar Garcia Disseny Gràfic for the images in this interview (Brad Fickeisen on Unsplash and Mockuuuups).