Artisan technology

Three key notes on our production

How do we help you choose the best case for you (and your instrument)?

First of all, you need to send us the measurements of your instrument. We will have all the necessary meetings via Skype, WhatsApp, or in person, to design your perfect case.

How is your case made? We start with a premade mold, and then adapt the interior to your needs. You will receive pictures during the creation of your case. The wait is usually around 6 weeks.

We work with local sustainable workshops that specialize in using technical materials to build busses, trains, vans, and boats.

In addition, we have done tests with countless materials at research centers, such as Gaiker, and meet professionals in UPV university and San Joan de Déu Hospital (experts in children’s ergonomics).

Your case goes inside custom packaging, so that it arrives at your home safe and sound. We want to make sure that you are in love with your case, so we will remain within reach over the years.

You can add extras or simply refurbish the original design in the future.

How the cases are made

To browse:
Video of the manufacture of the cello case – Photos of the laminate in the molds

Ensuring quality

Scientific tests in independent labs

The tests are carried out in Gaiker’s laboratories. What for? To decrease the weight of the cases, without sacrificing their thermal insulation.

Impact and bending resistant

So that the cases are robust

The video shows the impact tests, according to UNE EN ISO 179-1/2fU:2011.  Also flexion tests, following UNE EN ISO 14125:1999/A1: 2011. In all tests, the required values of impact-resistance and flexion are met.

Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures

To insulate against cold and heat

The maximum temperature chosen is 80 ºC, because it would correspond to the case in a car in summer. The minimum is -20 ºC. The tests consist of subjecting a violin case to the following thermal cycles:

  • 8 hours at -20ºC in a refrigeration room of about 8-10 m3 of volume
  • 8 hours at 80ºC in the oven depicted in the photo
  • 4 alternate cycles between 80 and -20ºC (80, -20, 80, -20), of 2 hours each, to simulate thermal shocks

Both the heating of the case to 80ºC, and the cooling to -20ºC is quite “symmetrical” in time. 80ºC and -20ºC are reached in around 100 minutes.

After these tests, we have:

  1. redesigned the internal pieces, so that they do not deform in the heat
  2. selected adhesives that stick well at high temperatures
  3. reduced by 15% of the original weight, with the same thermal insulating properties
Fabricacion estuche - calidad Luma Suite

Environmental sustainability

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Can you make sustainable violin cases? Yes, based on recycled carbon fiber. This carbon comes from cuttings not used in aeronautics. It is shaped like a blanket of short fibers. Its resin is flexible, so that the case has great resistance to impacts and thermal cycles.

A violin case developed by infusion (vacuum resin insertion) with recycled carbon weighs 33% less than one manufactured manually in fiberglass.

09:16 07 Jan 21
I spent years searching for an accordion case that is both practical and light, but also especially rigid, resistant,... and waterproof. Betting on LumaSuite has been a huge success, the case is well supported in the back and my accordion is protected, as it should be. Many thanks to Maider and the LumaSuite team for listening to more
Gregor Grex
Gregor Grex
22:55 25 Dec 20
The case is stable, light and elegant. Carrying it on the back feels good. A little bit of carefulness and... familiarisation is needed to open or close it, to case and uncase the accordion. But after two days of practise it works perfectly. Taking the bus or train does not cause worries anymore, neither does walking through a crowd of more
Samuele Telari
Samuele Telari
07:50 24 Dec 20
Finally a case that does the instrument justice! The feeling of wearing a solid case, which protects the instrument... from vibrations and shocks is fantastic. The weight of the tool is also better distributed. By using the additional belts, the back is also helped, especially on long journeys. And last but not least, all of this is combined with a fantastic aesthetic. It's nice to hear “how nice” before you put on the accordion!read more
12:26 23 Dec 20
This case is the best case I ever had for my accordion. It’s safe, solid but light and very comfortable for my back.... It’s beautiful and adaptable. I’m definitely happy with more
Judith Ibarrondo
Judith Ibarrondo
20:52 06 Oct 20
LumaSuite makes the most exclusive and personalized music cases that I know of. With a very original and creative... design, these handmade covers are made of carbon fibre, achieving the lightness and resistance they need. Also, the customer service is excellent. They are awesome! Well Done!read more
Cristina Oyarzun
Cristina Oyarzun
19:43 15 Sep 20
The cases are handcrafted with great care and dedication. They are thought in detail, they are robust and with an... original and elegant design that makes them unique. It is reassuring to know that the instrument is well protected at all times!read more
amaia oO
amaia oO
19:18 14 Sep 20
beautiful, comfortable and lightweight cases! very suitable for storing the instrument and moving it back and forth!in... addition the use of local artisanal processes and materials gives it a tremendous plus.the treatment is also very good, always ready to listen and help.arguably a product to consider.***Beautiful cases, comfortable and light. Perfect for storing and transporting your instrument.In addition to all that the use of artisanal and material processes in the area will. gives the big plus.the treatment is also very good, always. willing to listen and help.Definitely a project to keep in mind!read more
Elixabete Cerrillo
Elixabete Cerrillo
15:21 14 Sep 20
Cases of a high quality and beauty. After a long search looking for a case, I found Maider by chance on Instagram and I... loved her work and the very personalized product she makes. His dedication and closeness left me speechless. I'm delighted!read more
Ana Megía Macías
Ana Megía Macías
11:51 14 Sep 20
Excellent. A combination of elegance and design with the best protection for the instrument. Simply brilliant.
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Awards and acknowledgements

We have the certainty that a good design makes people happier.

Therefore, we are very happy that our designer Simone has obtained the IF Design Award, the Good Design Award and an honorable mention in the XXIII edizione del Compasso d’Oro. Together, we enjoyed the Irun Ekintzan Award to the most innovative company. The design magazines Abitare and Interni echoed the cases, thank you :)

In February 2019, Ihobe, the Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government, has included us in the official list of eco-innovative projects: secondary materials, remanufacturing and circular economy.

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