Accordion Case Maintenance

Not having concerts, nor trips, has a good side. You can dedicate yourself to the tasks that you had set aside due to lack of time. No stress, no urgency. It is the star moment to pamper your instrument and its accessories.

So that you can see real examples of updates, I share with you this real case of the maintenance of the Limited Edition Accordion case. I show you before and after photos (in fact, the next photos), and a summary video.

Maintenance of the accordion case: before
Maintenance of the accordion case: after

Hold the instrument securely in the case

Without strangling it. Less is more.

Don’t store your whole life in the case. You need room to put your hands. What is more, any additional element increases the weight: your back will notice it in the long run. In this case, we have removed the extra cushions. Later, we have repositioned the others so as not to press the accordion, avoiding its horizontal movement.

  • Don’t stuff the inside of the case with cushions. Go little by little placing and testing. Each cushion comes with its hard (gray) and soft (blue) filling, so you can combine them as you need.
  • Place the cushions as far as possible from the closure of the box, so that the closure does not flex, press or displace.

Accommodate the closures

Close and open faster

The key to this maintenance has been to flip the closures. Note that each lock is made up of two parts: a long one (toggle lock) that hooks into a short one (nail). If the long closure is at the bottom of the case, the lever hangs down and does not interfere with closing.

So, we have removed the stainless steel rivets, and made new holes, plugging them from the inside. The 4 holes that are visible are covered with a rivet, to give them strength and a touch of class :)

Detail of cushions and accordion inside the case
Detail of the Gadji accordion inside the case
Detail of the inside cushions and the accordion inside the case

Tips for cleaning and maintaining the case

Do this to leave the different parts of your case flawless

I have saved it for last, but it is also important for the maintenance of your case. I share examples with products available to everyone, in case they serve as a guide:

  1. To clean the surface of the carbon case, anti-grease products (like KH7) and wood cleaning products (Pronto) are very good. I prefer the smell of furniture polish. In addition, you can apply it, from time to time, to the violin and bow (very little amount), and to the accordion. They remove fingerprints and dust.
  2. White scratch and bump marks on carbon are smoothed out with alcohol and a cotton pad. If you want to quickly cover a short, shallow scratch on a carbon surface, use a black permanent marker.
  3. To clean the rubber on the closure of the cases, use makeup remover wipes. They are so powerful.
  4. To clean the interior textile and the adaptable cushions, the best option is the vacuum cleaner. I have tried the rolls, like those from the Ikea, to remove cat hair and fluff. Although, they do not work well for this type of fabric.
  5. To take care of the leather straps, once a year, you can give them face cream. See if they crack to change them in time.

If you want to learn more about the care of your accordion, read these tips.

Repair video

See in 40 seconds the before and after situations


4 keys to keep your case

When you are in a moment of break from concerts and trips, it is the ideal occasion to take care of both your instrument and its accessories.

  • Fix the interior accessories of the case, so that the instrument is not trapped and does not affect the closing area.
  • The closures must be hard enough to tighten, without being difficult to open nor close.
  • Take care of the interior and exterior hygiene of the case with simple products.

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