Rediscover original design in music cases

Exclusive cases with a touch of glamour

Technological handicraft musical cases

Technological handcraft in fiberglass, carbon or warm natural linen, to transmit with confidence your brand image.


Carbon fiber can be painted.

It can also be left in an exposed carbon finish, so that Twill pattern (herringbone pattern) or Plain (small squares) framework can be seen.

Carbon look is widely used in Formula 1. ACCORDION CASES take advantage of the robustness of carbon fiber.

Estuche Premium de fibra de carbono para violín con diseño Mondrian.
Estuche de fibra de vidrio para violín turquesa.

Fiberglass is widely used in sports equipment.

The basic fibreglass case is white or black (matte or glossy). This white paint is special. It is used on windmills to slow the deterioration caused by the continuous wear of the wind.

It is pefect for the VIOLIN CASE.

Linen is a surly looking fabric, like sackcloth.

We harden the fabric with the same process used to harden carbon fibre, until the surface is rigid. Its appearance is original, different, and homely.

The linen composite is used in high end designer furniture. It works very well for the CELLO CASE.

LumaSuite New Edition Twill carbon fiber accordion case opened
Reliable, extremely reliable

Attention to details

Stainless steel closures with a lock, so that they do not open accidentally nor rust if you live near the sea

Resistant and protective

Protects against shock and water

Customize your case

All elements of the case may be customized

They adapt to you

Personality and comfort

Adapt the straps to your height by customizing the adjustment points.

Hold your instrument perfectly with custom cushions.


LumaSuite linen cello hard case opened with cello inside

Maintenance and Free Financing

As Good as New

We want you to only buy one case and NOT ONE MORE. It is the best for you and for the environment.

You have at your disposal a retouching and re-styling service, so that the case remains like the first day. Keep the box, so the return trip of the case will be safer.

Pay it Comfortably

Musician’s life is difficult enough. Therefore, we want to give you all the possible facilities to take care of your instrument as it deserves.

Pay the case in 4 or 5 installments without interest nor haste. Tell us if you need more help at

Try it Risk Free

You will start using the case without having finished paying for it, which is a DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

You can try it with confidence for 30 days. If you don’t like it (although we are sure you will love it) you can return it and get your money back.




Avant-garde Inspiration

Exclusive Italian design

5 modern fresh Italian collections, to help you shine even more.

  • Pure and simple lines

  • Elegant shapes

  • Top quality materials

  • Ergonomics and exquisite attention to detail

Mondrian Cello Case
Mondrian Cello Case
Medidas interiores y exteriores del estuche de violín
Intelligent design

Special cases for Cello and Violin

The inner pouch can be removed to be used as a case for pencils, rosin and strings.

Two practical leather handles and interior space for 2 cello bows and 4 violin bows.

Medidas del estuche de cello interiores y exteriores

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Divide and conquer

Accordion Special

Classic Edition

Accordion cases have two main housings: one for the right hand, and one for the left hand. A basic carbon case weighs approximately 3.4 kg and a glassfibre case 3.5 kg.

In addition, there are two small lids (we call them intermediate caps) that function as accessories for the main case. This way, each main case is joined with an intermediate cap, so you can carry two separate case halves.

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maximum measurements of the carbon accordion case classic

This size is enough for the vast majority of high-end button accordions on the market. We have tested accordions from Pigini (Sirius and Mythos), Jupiter, Bugari (Spectrum and Selecta), Scandalli (Extreme Plus), and Ballone Burini.

If your accordion is smaller, the interior will be adapted with no extra costs.

Medidas del estuche de acordeón en carbono Nueva Edición

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The Latest for Accordion

New Edition

Small and medium button accordions such as the Scandalli BJP-442 fit in the New Edition model.

The New Edition is more comfortable to place the instrument inside, but it cannot be split with intermediate lids.

All LumaSuite Accordion Cases have the following customizable options and accesories:

  • Steel wheels. They are useful on smooth surfaces, like concert halls, or for not crouching in the queue of the airport.

  • Intermediate covers. They can be in carbon fibre or glass, depending on the material and exterior design of the main case they accompany.

  • Ergonomic waist belt for releasing 5kg of the accordion weight from your shoulders.

  • Additional handles, cushions or specific needs.