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I introduce you Lucía Calvo Sánchez, my favourite creative graphic designer. She is 33 years old and designs her life using pixels and colours.

She is responsible for the corporate image of LumaSuite and you can visit her website to appreciate her sensitive style.

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As a child, did you usually draw on the walls?

Yes!! I’ve always liked to scribble everything, using notebooks or even the walls. When I was a child (txiki), I went to drawing classes but I didn’t attend any more lessons until high school, so I did not have much technical knowledge, but a need to draw and express myself plastically. This concern for drawing led me to study Fine Arts in Salamanca, where I learned different techniques and disciplines, among them Graphic Design.

I remember my first day in the university: a drawing teacher told us it was crucial to know how to draw, also to have technical knowledge but not to forget to have something to tell… That phrase marked a milestone, since then I understood that each design has a concept, a story that conveys the essence of a feeling, a product or a brand.

When did you fall in love with graphic design?

I would love to tell you that it was love at first sight, but it was not. In third year of Fine Arts we had to choose in which area we wanted to specialize, until then what I liked most was drawing and sculpture but I thought that for the future it was more practical to choose some subjects more oriented to the labor market. After much thought I chose drawing specialization and graphic design subjects, without knowing very well what I was going to find.

At first I was a bit skeptical, but little by little I started to enjoy graphic design and communication. The theory classes provided us with a base more than necessary, but it was in the practice sessions where I fell absolutely in love.

I had great professors, graphic design professionals who tried to make the classes look like a real graphic design studio. We were given practical exercises, briefings and adjusted delivery dates. Those years were quite absorbing; it was a challenge for me to look for creative solutions through a new language, to communicate effectively trying to be aesthetically beautiful. They taught me the value of effort, daily work and the ability of observing and learning.

You take a keen interest in making use of your art in social design and sustainable projects … why?

In my opinion it is very important to walk towards a way of life in which one’s job is not separated from one’s way of understanding the world. I believe in projects that focus on the local economy, sustainability, equality …
There are projects that, from my point of view, make the world better. I feel fortunate when I have the opportunity to be part of them. As well as creativity and experience, in these cases the caress and the passion for what I do is what make the difference.

From all the work you do in Lulumka, what do you like the most?

The creative phase, the search for the idea is my favourite job. I love corporate identity design and editorial. On a more personal level, the illustration inspires me a lot.

How would you define your relationship with music?

Let’s start from the beginning, I am a terrible singer!! I also tried to learn the guitar and I did not get it, maybe someday, hope is the last thing that should be lost…

I listen to a lot of music: singer-songwriters, rock, heavy, flamenco… Music makes me vibrate, and the lyrics of some songs are word-made images. Many times while I am listening to music, some drawings and ideas come to my mind to be illustrated…


“I listen to a lot of music: singer-songwriters, rock, heavy, flamenco… Music makes me vibrate, and the lyrics of some songs are word-made images. Many times while I am listening to music, some drawings and ideas come to my mind to be illustrated…”

A movie that makes you tremble with emotion

‘Mi vida sin mí’, by Isabel Coixet.

A song

‘Je veux’, by Zaz.

How did you know about LumaSuite and what do you think about the project?

I am fortunate to be friends with Maider Camarero (founder of LumaSuite) for many years, so I have had the opportunity to know the history of LumaSuite since its inception, when it did not even have a name!

In my view, this project and the history behind it are pure inspiration: sustainability, local economy, art, technology… If LumaSuite hadn’t existed, it would have to be invented!

Are you making plans for the future?

Well… to be honest I don’t know what to say to you; I really make plans for the future, but I think it is important to have plan B. Sometimes, the result is not the one we imagined, unforeseen events happen, or even our horizons can change.

I value the process, each small step… Distant objectives give me vertigo, so once I decide where I go, I need to focus on each step, and live in the present moment.

Professionally, I want to continue learning about social design and keep designing for projects which paint the world with more social, more inclusive and fairer colours.