Fanciullacci and Antonio de Marco

4P1B is the acronym for ‘4º Piano 1B’ (4th floor-1B). Behind this door we find the designers of our music cases Simone Fanciullacci and Antonio de Marco. Simone is wearing his hat and gives us the answers to some questions, so we can better understand their work and style.

studio 4P1b- LumaSuite

Are artists born or taught?

I like to think that it is, above all, the work, commitment, and passion that you put into the things what determines who you are.
However, I must say that I also had the fortune to grow up in a family where curiosity, imagination and the critical spirit were stimulated, which helped me become a person who is continuously wondering about everything.

How was 4P1B born?

4P1B was born somehow by accident. We started gathering in the evenings to work on some projects together and this fact slowly became our job. Everything happened so unexpectedly that we decided the name ‘4P1B’ playing, without thinking that it would become a serious project in the future… they were just the numbers written on our intercom: 4th floor entry 1B.

Your favourite project?

Many people would answer this: ‘our next project’. However, we are particularly concerned about many projects, such as the 273 collection for De Vecchi. It was highly appreciated by critics and the audience, but also during the first phase of the project all the experimentation and production was done by us… in a bit chubby but funny way.

How is the everyday life of a designer in Milan?

Less romantic than you imagine, I guess. We gather in the studio and work on current projects. The wonderful thing about this job is that every two or three weeks you have to face new issues and they are never repetitive.

Do you have any motivational phrase when things go really bad?

Actually I do not think so, we try to have fun in the studio and even when we are under pressure, we do not stop joking!

Do you listen to classical music?

As I child I did. When I grew up, I gave up… but now I often listen to ‘RadioClassica’ (an Italian radio broadcasting only classical music). I’m not an expert and I do not understand much about what I hear but I find it very charming.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

I had dinner at home with my friends. They arranged everything: everyone brought something, including the cake, and it was beautiful!


“The wonderful thing about this job is that every two or three weeks you have to face new issues and they are never repetitive.”

How was your job for LumaSuite and what do you think about it?

We had never designed music accessories but it was really interesting. We realized how demanding musicians are and how much they care for their instruments, and it was a great opportunity to better understand carbon fiber production technology.

It was not easy at first to be able to combine the needs of end customers, productive constraints and our aesthetic research. From the very beginning, our goal was to create high performance cases, but also to think of fashion accessories as appealing and funny, I think the result is very interesting.

Plans for the future?

We are delighted to see how 4P1B grows a little bit every year, our customers are satisfied and the projects we develop convince us … I only hope that it will continue that way.