Visiting PIF 2019

At the end of September the most international edition of the PIF (Premio Internazionale della Fisarmonica) was held. This competition has been held for 44 years in the Italian city of Castelfidardo, with less than 20,000 inhabitants. And why there? Because there the most precious accordions in the world are born every day. That’s where we’ve gone :)

If you want to know other details such as the jury, awards or this year’s program, check out the official contest page.

LumaSuite-PIF 2019 Premio prize Castelfidardo

This is the stand we set up

Look at how the Luma Stand of Via Matteotti 8 looked, into a former perfumery. I had a special illusion to meet Vincenzo and Valentina again from Musical Editions Barvin. You can see her in the first picture, and he wears yellow pants below. In addition, we shared space with the inventors of Brazilian Harmonik microphones.

The best photo of Valentina and me

Luma Stand on the first day

Isabel and me, LumaSuite’s heart

Travelling cases

We travelled with two models of cases: the Limited Edition and the New Edition.

The basic difference between the two models is that the New Edition cannot be divided (see the first two photos). Therefore, this version is more comfortable and quicker to assemble. I’ll tell you right away that we actively developed it with a group of Italian and French accordionists, taking into account the needs of many other professionals.

New Edition carbon case with Jupiter

New Edition case with Scandalli BJP-442

Limited Edition in the streets of Castelfidardo

Limited Edition once more

Illustrious visitors

Thousand thanks to all those who went through the showroom. As I said before, there was our Dream Team of the New Edition: Giuseppe Scigliano, Walter di Girolamo and Angelo Miele. A pity that Alexandre Prusse was not in Italy. A very affectionate hug to Antonio Spaccarotella, who took many catalogues to spread them, and Owen Murray, who visited us EVERY DAY. The truth is that we all made good use of mirrors ;)

On the last day we met Patrizia from Italcinte, with whom we are developing more comfortable belts for small accordionists. As soon as we have them, we will publish it in the newsletter.

Testing Giuseppe’s Pigini Mythos

Angelo is quite a good model

Somebody likes jumping with the case on…

Walter’s reflection

Serim, me, Antonio and Egidio

Happy with Giancarlo and Owen