5 musical sayings

This summer many of you would have visited your village, or perhaps you have found an unexpected little lost beautiful place. To celebrate it, I want to speak today of something very popular in the villages: its sayings.

I share with you the five musical proverbs that I liked the most in Spanish, so that you could recognise them. In the meantime, I say hello to you from Zagreb in the photo… To tell the truth, it is not a small town but its high part is wonderful!!

5 refranes musicales

Popular wisdom brushstrokes that speak of music.

1. Con buena música se viene
Lit. “With good music he comes”. This saying is used when we hear too many lies in a sentence, something you can’t make heads or tails of…
2. Dar música a un sordo
Lit. “Give music to a deaf person ”. It means to bother in vain, that there is no need to strive so much for that.
3. Bajar el diapasón
Lit. “Lower the tuning fork”. This saying has two aspects, social and personal. From the social point of view, it means assuming life with our own limitations, something like “going down to earth”. From the personal point of view, it means treating others without trying to take advantage of them.
4. A enemigo que se ausenta, con música y fiesta
Lit. “An enemy who is absent, with music and party”. It advises us to make it easy to those who are hostile to us, if they finally decide to disappear from our lives.

5. A nueva canción, nuevo contrapunto
Lit. “To new song, new counterpoint”. My favorite one, it invites us to always remain open-minded to new things and situations and adapt ourselves to them.