Every year we look in the mirror and see how we have changed in a year. We remember with fear or pride how we were at an earlier stage and that helps us to move forward along the way.

In this post the one that is going to look in the mirror is our logo, which will show you all its faces from its origin until today… I hope you like it and happy new year!

Happy Christmas LS

The beggining

As a manual entrepreneur, who do you think made the first logo …? Yeah! I myself … I am lucky that my brothers studied fine arts and it was not so bad either … Whad do you think?

The idea of this prototype logo is to represent the F-clef (my clef, long live the cellos!) based on the Golden Ratio. Two of the five lines of the stave form a box, emulating the protection of the case. The two points are blue because I’ve always liked this color and at that time, 2014, we were two crazy people thrown into the adventure :).

Lulumka’s time

With the inspiration of Lucía (we published a few months ago an interview)
the imagotype and its colors are professionalized.

The blue is redefined to a fresher tone and the shape of the feather is imposed when mixed with the clef, to transmit lightness.

Notice also that the idea of the box that protects is transferred to the text ‘carbon cases’.

Logo LS 2016

More tests

In the next phase, the initial idea of the stave is recovered: look at the parallel blue lines inside the image. The feather joins even more to the shape of the key and the points in color are maintained even though the font changes and is larger.

Logo LS 2016

The chosen one

And… wow! This one will sound familiar to you, but surely you can find points in common with all their ancestors ;).