Music has been around for centuries slowly evolving and breaking new ground. Whether it is a singer or a musician, music has affected millions in a positive manner.

Here are some testaments from individuals who speak on how they became interested in music lives and some of them might just surprise you.

LumaSuite playing cello

Female singer, 36

“When I was 14, I started with the piano. I had always been fascinated by pianos. When I was studying in England, they do teach music there, and we could play pianos and keyboards, and I came back and asked to be put in class.”

Male cellist, 20

“It really isn’t a great reason in high school, we needed to choose an instrument… it was a concert to listen to the instruments and I loved the cello. But with more and more time I loved it more and more and with time I played more seriously and played at Symphony Hall and had gone on tours… and it’s how I find my best friends… Then I think the trip is better… in the beginning I did not want to touch it but it was one of the best decisions I have chosen in the end.”

Pianist, 40

“Well, actually my first experience with classical music I hardly remember… In a school room there was a piano lying there, and sometimes, when we changed classes, when we passed by, I was curious to play a key. Years later, my mother bought me the fantastic ‘Casio PT-87’ that I still have: a tiny keyboard with recorded musical bases and by means of LEDs I indicated the keys that you had to play. That toy that any child would get bored of in a short time was the beginning, I didn’t get bored, I got hooked.”

Male guitarrist, 30

“Because as a child I saw ‘The Trotamusicos’ cartoon and the guitar and I wanted to be a rockstar.”

Female cellist, 32

My neighbor upstairs was playing the piano and sounding all over the house. My brother and I loved it and even though no one in our family was a musician, if my mother insisted so much she signed us up for solfeggio, at the age of 8. I chose cello because there was not much of a line the day the instruments were taught at school. But I don’t regret it because over the years I always like it better and it has also helped me to meet my best friends.”

Female violinist, 38

“When I was 4 years old, as my two sisters and my cousin went to music, they also signed me up. It was a private house, unregulated because until I was 5-6 you couldn’t go to the conservatory. When I was 5, they signed me up to the conservatory and I joined (at that time there was an entrance and up to 4 solfeggio you couldn’t start with an instrument). How many times I wanted to quit! A thousand!”

As you can see from these individuals, music can come into someone’s life in unexpected ways. Sometimes in order to find music one must go out and look for it, while others will it comes to them. However, no matter how they first started becoming involved in music, it benefited them in the end.

Music allows for freedom of expression and shear fun. Without music and composition, imagination would not be able to run free nor would we have such a diverse population of music and musicians that we have today.