Curious carbon

Each carbon fiber is the union of thousands of synthetic filaments of carbon, 5-10 μm in diameter. Its resistance is almost 3 times higher than that of steel, but it weighs 4.5 times less. The main application of this fiber is the manufacture of composite materials, ie by adding polymers such as epoxy resin or polyester or vinylester, to transform these threads into a hard surface.

Popularly, we have assumed that the compounds in carbon are used for cars, helmets, surfboards and space materials, but there are also more daily and curious carbon objects. Take a look at these applications an discover some of them!

LumaSuite intermediate lids for carbon accordion case splitting.

Four different applications of carbon composite materials

1. Bulletproof Documents
If you want nothing to happen to your favorite scores, there are bulletproof cases
HENK Carbon Attaché. Very curious models equipped to all luxury in which carbon fiber and other composite materials are used.
Carbon case
2. Sit back
I was visiting the fair Jec of Paris and the truth is that in decoration and furniture the design in composite materials is becoming more common: the result is elegant, useful and versatile. I have seen lamps, tables, countertops, but what I liked most were these chairs…
Carbon chairs
3. Give me a hand
This carbon bionic hand is made by the British company RSLSteeer. It is stronger and more durable than conventional ones, so it can be used constantly to hold an egg or open a nut.
Carbon hand
4. Music, maestro!
Carbon fiber has acoustic properties, as evidenced by the existence of violins of this material. I could not help adding this Monaco disc with a carbon plate to the list. It is awesome that in the demonstrative video they try it with a Bach cello suite!
Carbon music disc player