Maider cello case

I have something to confess

And it’s not exactly that we’re going to make viola cases or open a franchise in Miami Beach.

I thought about the viola cases, I promise. And I’m thinking about Miami now as I write these lines to you.

The truth is that I had never closed a company.

I hadn’t opened it either. I hadn’t even programmed a website. In fact, I did not have (nor wanted to have) social networks. Nor had I created from scratch a useful quality object and at the same time as magical as a music case.

Nor had I lost sleep that something, however insignificant, failed.

Let’s see, I’ve always liked to learn from challenges. So throughout these 6 years, we have put all the effort and creativity possible to the most crucial challenge for the survival of the company: to be sustainable.

That is the fundamental reason why we are going to close LumaSuite for good: the project is not sustainable in the long term. Despite having received awards and calls from 9,000 km away, we are not growing fast enough to sustain ourselves financially in the medium and long term.

During these 6 years we have experienced very intense moments and of course we have improved. If you are reading these lines, it is that in some way you have contributed to it, and I THANK you. From my heart.

Now what?

We don’t want to sneak out the back door. And that is why we have chosen to be as transparent as possible to ask you one last favor. We invite you to make your last purchase on the new stock page, or share it with your colleagues who need to change case. We still have 2 violin cases to sell, that’s why you’ll find all the offers already discounted at clearance prices (-50%).


Thank you very much for your unconditional support during this melody, whose last bars are already playing. It has been a real pleasure conducting this orchestra. I wish you all the best.

We go with music elsewhere, but always in the heart.

A huge hug.

Frequently asked questions

How long will you be on sale, so I can make my purchase?

I do not know. It can be a month or maybe a few days, as it will depend on how quickly we liquidate the stock. As the days go by, we will have fewer cases available, because we will not manufacture more cases. This time they will be unique cases, without a doubt.

Do I still have guarantees when making the sale purchase?

Without a doubt. The Warranty remains in effect throughout your purchase.

When LumaSuite closes will I be able to contact you?

Unfortunately not. Once we liquidate the stock and make sure that everyone has received their case in perfect condition, we will close the web and all means of communication, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, the web and email.

If I have scratched my LumaSuite case, where can I get it repaired?

You can fix it in any workshop where they work with composite materials. Our recommendation is that you contact Rafa from AllComposites . He is the production manager of a company with which we collaborate and will be pleased to help you here. He himself has been in charge of removing bumps and scratches from accordion cases, leaving them like the first day.

STOCK -50%