Carbon fiber violin case

Carbon fiber violin case

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Technological craftsmanship that protects your instrument and your back forever.

Why does it have this diamond design? The rhombuses grow from top to bottom, inspired by nature, and their edges make the structure more robust.

You may find the closure profile strange at first. It is not a hard profile, but a blue rubber of hermetic seal ‘tupper effect’. Rubber can be colored, and resists the passage of time and changes in temperature and humidity.

The adaptable cushions and pockets allow you to carry different violins, sheet music and any type of bow.

1 in stock


Violin case handmade of carbon fiber

Comfortable to carry on the back and with solid support on the ground, you can fully adapt its straps.

Complete it with exclusive designs, custom handles and interior pockets for sheet music. The adaptable inner cushions can be placed anywhere, to hold different violins and up to 4 bows.

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Weight 2,4 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 81 cm

Carbon look Twill, carbon look Plain


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