Steel wheels

Steel wheels

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Industrial small wheels to free you while waiting in a queue. You can place the case on the floor, and advance without having to bend down, only pushing gently the case.

They are appropriate for smooth surfaces like concert halls, conservatory rooms or airports. They are made of metal so they are noisier than plastic ones, but definitely more durable and strong.

They can be placed in Classic Edition or New Edition cases.

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Wheels for accordion cases

Each wheel supports 12 kg of load. They are weatherproof and strong, to last for ever.

The small ball of the wheel is inside a sealed box, not to transmit any vibration inside. Moreover, the inside part is reinforced to avoid any contact with the instrument.

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Weight 0,19 kg
Dimensions 4,13 × 4,13 × 1 cm

Metallic gray




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