Waist belt

Waist belt

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Ergonomic fully adaptable fastening for releasing 5 kg of the accordion weight from your shoulders.

Strongly recommendable for narrow-shoulder accordionists, who require greater care to relieve the 13 kg of the instrument as much as possible. It was originally designed for women accordionists who walked for long distances. Now it is approved by accordionists who bike regularly with their accordions.

The attachment points in the case are placed exactly in the best place for you, according to your back length.

Out of stock


Handmade strong waist belt for accordionists. You can fasten it to make your journey with the accordion more comfortable.

You can adapt the front strap to your winter or summer wear. The side straps help to distibute the weight according to your height. The belt is fastened to two rings of the case, whith two carabiners. These rings can be place anywhere for a perfect carrying, taking in to account your own back measurements.

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Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 1 × 13 cm



Strong made in Spain cordura fabric and nylon straps


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