New music cases

“The words are blown with the wind…” Wind brings us the possibility of using it as an energy source. The wind turbines help us to do so, but exactly what they have in common with the new accordion cases ?

The energy comes from the wind

What is a wind turbine? It comes to my mind that they could also been called ‘wind users’ because they are modern mills where the energy of moving air (kinetic energy) turns into electricity to feed our daily lives.

The wind turbine is capable to seek its best position to get the most energy possible, thanks to the data provided by its vane (measures wind direction) and its anemometer (tells us the wind speed).

The mill operate with winds from 11km/h to 90km/h. Under higher speeds, the mill is in danger of diminishing its typical life expectancy that is 25 years, and therefore it is stopped and left in ‘flag’ position.

Common technology

The key to everything is in the blades, which are the movable elements of the wind generators.

  • Technology in common

    The blades can be up to 60m long, so lighter and stronger materials are needed in order to manufacture them: for example fiberglass. Mold manufacturing infusion technology is used, as in the case of carbon fiber process, but fiberglass is more economic and its performance varies depending on the configuration and type of the layers applied.

    Our Studente violin case and the new accordion cases are made with the same material and manufacturing technology as the wind turbines.

  • Special paint for friction

    Once manufactured, the blades are painted with a special paint, which causes the wind wear much less the area that is in continuous contact with the wind. We like this idea so we have decided to use the same paint for our glassfiber accordion cases.

Glass fiber accordion case

For those who want to know everything

If you are willing to know more about the movements of the blades, or what lies inside creating energy from the air, I leave you a video below that explains it very well and this technical article.

I hope you like them!