I’ve thought about what muscles all musicians exercise in common. Some blow, others can only touch while sitting, others have to move their feet … Maybe you are thinking of something else, but I have thought about wrists.

Well, I have discovered new and easy exercises to strengthen or loosen your wrists, with simple objects. In addition, they also serve for when you spend a lot of time typing on your computer and mobile.

The importance of warming up

Running, yoga and being in shape are super fashionable. You already know that to start a sport well, it is not only necessary to have a mental attitude, but also to prepare your body beforehand with a good warm-up.

Therefore, I encourage you to do two minutes of muscle preparation before playing the scales (which is fine, of course).
I do not intend to replace any personal trainer or sports professional. These exercises have helped me and I want to share them with you in case they work for you too.

Take care of your wrists

Five warm-up exercises for musicians

1. The towel
Sit on the floor and place a towel next to you. Put your outstretched palm on the towel, and with your fingers , keeping your thumb in place, try to pick up the towel, and then stretch it . Do it first with one hand, and then with the other.
2. The ball
Squeeze hard a rubber ball with your hand, and stop squeezing it. Repeat this several times with each hand. It is as if it were a pumping heart.
3. The scrub cloth
Take a dishcloth and wring it with both hands as if you were going to drain it. The two wrists rotate at the same time but in the opposite directions.
4. Clenched fists
This is the most typical exercise. It is done without any elements. Extend your arms with closed fists and turn both wrists at the same time, outward, and then inward.
5. The Clock
Be careful when practicing this exercise because you have to force yourself. Sit down and rest both open hands on the table. Press your hands firmly against the table, while slowly leaning your body forward.
When you have practice, make the variant of the clock. Keep both hands open on the table and tilt your body. One hand stands still while the other rotates like a clock, from quarter of an hour to quarter of an hour. Repeat with the other hand. Do not move both hands like a clock at the same time, only one. This makes it harder for you to hurt yourself and is better for maintaining exercise control.

What to do when my wrists hurt

First, stop rehearsing. Insisting can only worsen symptoms. Apply ice and if you need pain relievers, go to the doctor just in case.
The star problems of musicians’ wrists are tendinitis and carpal tunnel. It is your responsibility to take care of your body, it is your best instrument.

I hope these guidelines have helped you, for any query or suggestion I wait for you at the email.