I do not know about you but I can not imagine Christmas without lottery: the golden drums, the nerves of the boys and girls singing the winning numbers of the balls and the music of the advertisement on TV.

That’s why I’ve written in this post some musical curiosities that have surrounded this famous draw, starting with a bit of history … By the way, this year I have the number 80023 that I bought in Salamanca… Let’s see if it is the winner number!

A Little bit of history

Epidemics, War of Independence, hunger. This was the bleak scene that was lived in Spain in 1812. It would be necessary to wait two more years for the end of the war and the government had no more money to pay for it. In addition, more than 7% of the population died as a consequence of the battles.
As a war funding measure, the residents of Cádiz and San Fernando participated on December 18, 1812 in the first Christmas lottery called ‘Modern Lottery’: for 40 real, the man who had the number 03604 won 8,000 real.
Year after year and encouraged by the end of the war, the raffle was extended through Andalusia to the rest of Spain. They started calling ‘Christmas draw’ only since December 23, 1892. To know more about the history, you can read this article.

Singing the numbers

According to this article, it is no coincidence that the ‘singers’ of the winning numbers are from the beginning the children of San Ildefonso school. In 1771, the students of this school were in their great majority orphans.
These students were required to recite the numbers of an ordinary raffle, so that the spectators had less difficulty in understanding the numbers. In addition, it was demonstrated that this technique managed to maintain the attention of the spectators.
On the other hand, the fact that orphan children distributed luck looked good in the Enlightenment: it humanized the game of chance and gave a more spiritual aura.

The music of the advertisement

My idea of the lottery announcement has always been ‘The Bald’ of the Lottery, which was strolling through the winter scene of a city while a tune of classical music was played.

Lotería de Navidad

In 2015 it was recorded a different ad, with a cartoon character that did not speak, so music was crucial to convey the emotion and the illusion … Ludovico Einaudi was responsible for composing an elegant and sincere melody.

The Euskadi Symphony Orchestra participates in 2016

Last year the OSE played music for the announcement of the Christmas Lottery, in which a lady believed that she had won the biggest prize and it was not like that.
On October 27 they recorded the score of Fernando Velázquez in the beautiful city of Donostia. To see the video and the details click here!
Good luck this year! :)