Pianist and photographer or LumaSuite

Gonzalo Cid Cervigón is the man of the 19 hobbies, and it is true that he combines, among others, paragliding, piano, some other instruments, trips around the world, photography, computers, sports … A restless young man with the name of eighteenth-century nobleman.

If you look at his Flicker page, the LumaSuite cases

LumaSuite entrevista fotógrafo

come out on the front line… and why? Because he has made the last photos that you will see in the catalogs and on the web!

As a child did you want to do all this together?

First of all, thanks for taking this interview! My mother will love it (smile)!

The truth is that I have always been restless and curious. I remember the experiments I did as a child along with my friend Javi, where, in some occasions, alcohol and matches were involved. We also built toy cars that went up the walls (with adhesive tape on the wheels), and some strange inventions with toy engines and so on. Luckily we never got to create powder!

I guess that when we grow there are things that are maintained or even grow with us, and that is why I continue with the same curiosity to know how things work and to experience new things. I also have the influence of my mother, who taught me to do things myself and asking when I dind’t know, although I recognize that I have not been able to learn all of them.

How were your first experiences in classical music and the change to modern music?

Well, my oldest memory related to pianos is that in a classroom of kindergarten there was a pinao, and sometimes in the change of class, when we passed by, I was curious to touch any key. It is a confusing and fuzzy memory.

Years later, my mother bought me the fantastic ‘Casio PT-87’ that I still have. It is a tiny keyboard with recordered musical bases and by means of LEDs indicated the keys you had to play. That toy that would bore any child in a short time was the beginning: I did not get bored, I got hooked. I would go into the bathroom with it and not leave until I knew the song on the turn (there were only 4 luckily)

With this Casio and my friend David we started our first performances in the garden under our houses playing great hits like La Lambada. Another friend, Fernando, taught me to play the first chords and we learned all the songs of Mecano (we practiced in his shop, which by the way, was a photography shop…) I also continued playing with my friend David and the first small groups and performances began.

… Classical music…

Ah! Well, more or less from the moment I told you, it was when I got my aim to learn music and piano. So as you see, I did not go from classical to modern, everything was there from the beginning. I just played or tried to play everything I heard, eventhe tunes of the TV. However, it was when they signed me in the academy when the classic had the protagonism but without abandoning the small groups in which I began to play.

No doubt my influence with other music is partly inherited from my sisters and a little of what they heard on the radio at the time, when listening to the radio was worth it… there was music and stuff. In addition, we had a lot of cassettes recorded from the radio… I still preserve many of them.

An anecdote of your first musical times that can be shared…

Puff, I have enough… from a rock mass to being escorted by the Civil Guard of one town. I usually tell a curious one: Playing with an orchestra of these of verbenas in a town of the deep Guadalajara. There was a great festive atmosphere, we were playing and the square was full of young people dancing. Suddenly, I get a person next to the stage making a request. The drummer gave the start of the next song, with which I indicate to this person that we would listen to his request in the end of that song.

It turns out that in the next, the same happened, Miguel the drummer, did not listen and gave way to the following songs. The person in question and another more came on the stage and began to disconnect the cables and throw things… They were the mayor and a councilman arguing that they were unhappy because the people who danced were not from his town. Surrealism in its pure state (laughter).

“That toy that would bore any child in a short time was the beginning: I did not get bored, I got hooked. “

In the time that you have been living there, and your comings and goings, have you noticed a change in the Madrid of concerts?

If I tell you the truth, I do not go out very often. From time to time if I like to go to some concerts in the typical halls of Madrid, but as I say I do not do as much as I would like. Madrid has a lot of cultural and musical offerings so I guess that has never been or will be a problem, one of my favorite places is the mythical
‘Café Central’, but there are also quite a few more places where you will find good music. There are also quite a few musical offerings on the Gran Vía, they have quite tourists …

How long have you come here in Bilbao, what have you discovered that surprised you?

Well I think I got here over 2000-2001, I do not remember exactly… (Thinking…) for the first 7 years I was very surprised that I did not stop raining, also to be reminded that it said “Ej que” instead of “is that”( es que) and “mojca” instead of “fly” (mosca)… And going on to other topics, here I discovered paragliding, nature, the Cantabrian Sea and best of all, a group of great jazz companions, among other things.

The last movie you’ve seen

In the cinema I do not remember, but a bad one. I recently saw ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, a great film.

Your favourite dish

Puff, there are so many… if you invite me to lunch, I will not make any complaint.

What did you think about the photo session with us?

It was a real disaster, all bad (laughter). Well… what should I say? It was funny and a challenge taking into account the limitations we had. I think we did a good job in record time.

Future concerns?

Too many, “let’s start by living day by day”, as Rambo said.