2-year Worldwide warranty on LumaSuite cases.

LumaSuite provides a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product you purchase in accordance with the conditions below for the first purchaser or person receiving the product as a present.

The warranty period starts upon receipt of the product.

This warranty only applies if the usability of the product is considerably adversely affected by a material or manufacturing fault already present at the time of hand-over (defect). This warranty does not apply, however, if the usability is restricted by abrasion, improper use, faulty operation, or externally occurring forces (particularly flight or transport damage, e.g. deformation, cracks, body breakages, scratches, wear etc.) or by liquids (please observe in particular the care instructions attached below).

We recommend having the product inspected by a third party immediately after retrieval from transport handling and immediately reporting any damage to the carrier (e.g. airline or railway company) who is insured against this. It is necessary to notify within two days of receiving the case. Any expendable parts such as batteries of the thermometer, shall also be excluded from the warranty.

Among other things, some product series are characterized by special leather fittings, particularly on the handle. Leather is a natural product that can change, discolor or fade, particularly under the influence of skin contact, light and water, but also through the use of unsuitable cleaning agents, post-purchase impregnation and textile dyes. Heat and dehydration can lead to the formation of cracks or tears in the leather. These occurrences are not covered by the warranty. In order to avail of our warranty, please report the defect and also deliver or ship, without delay and within the warranty period, the product and the duly completed warranty certificate or original proof of purchase to a LumaSuite dealer or any service station authorized by LumaSuite. You will find the addresses on our website.

LumaSuite will repair or replace the product under warranty. For this LumaSuite will cover the costs occurred incl. the return shipment. The sending costs are borne by the purchaser. The product may also be replaced with a comparable successor product. Incidental and consequential damage (e.g. financial losses) are not included under this warranty. The warranty is limited to the value of the product. If LumaSuite agrees to warranty a case, claims from this guarantee lapse six months after they have been asserted but not before expiry of the warranty period.

This warranty grants you exclusively the rights described above. In addition, you may also have other statutory rights, particularly country-specific rights (e.g. against the seller), which differ in the way they regulate liability for defects, compensation claims and consequential damage and are possibly more extensive.

We wish you lots of pleasure travelling with your LumaSuite case.

Care and repair guide

To maintain and conserve your LumaSuite item in its best condition, avoid prolonged and direct exposure to sources of light and heat.

The inside of the case can be cleaned gently with a vacuum cleaner or with masking tape. The seal rubber can be cleaned with soap and water, as well as the case on the outside.

For cleaning your case or for removing stickers, please do not use any agents such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, chloroform, preparations based on phenol etc. or any preparations containing these ingredients.

For cleaning metallic pieces, please do not use any cleaning agent containing scouring powder. These agents roughen the surface and can leave scratch marks.

The application of stickers to leather components should be avoided. No aggressive agents should be used for cleaning.

If you have any questions regarding our products and their upkeep, please please feel free to send an email to this address and our staff will be happy to help and give you information regarding LumaSuite´s Cleaning and Polishing Service.

LumaSuite respects international standards of protection and conservation of the environment in all its products.