You know for sure that we have a collection of recycled carbon cases in the violin.

But what you don’t know is why and how we came to build it. I tell you everything through three questions.

Where does the recycled carbon come from?

The construction of airplanes generates carbon fibre residues, for example cuttings that are not used. In addition, this waste is increasing because more and more carbon is used in the manufacture of cars.

You may wonder why it is used in cars. The reason is that the environmental policies of governments force vehicles to become lighter and lighter (so that they pollute less). With carbon fibre, it is possible to reduce the weight of a car by 70% , resulting in 50% savings in fuel and CO2 emissions.

The recycled carbon used in the violin cases comes in the form of a thick ‘blanket’, made with carbon threads oriented in all directions.

What is the difference in its properties?

  • Carbon maintains at least 90% of its properties when recycled.
  • A LumaSuite recycled carbon fiber case has similar performance to a glass case, but with a 50% weight reduction. This is due to the fact that it is not necessary to use so many layers of material.
  • The surface finish of the recycled carbon is whitish, and the pattern of the the virgin carbon is not visible anymore.

manta de carbono reciclado, LumaSuite blog

What exactly have we done in this project?

Joint with four other companies in the Basque Country, we have participated in the project C-Recycling II. (For your information it has a very long name: ‘Revaluation of carbon fibre waste in intermediate and final products with high added value in various industrial sectors’).

Our task has been to demonstrate that two recycled carbon cases can be built, with the support of the Gaiker technology centre.

We love to take care of the environment sending less and less waste to landfills and incinerators.

I hope you now know a little more about materials ;) If you want to know more about the project in general, take a look at this press release.