After four years of research and development with specialists in materials, ergonomics, luthiers and high level musicians, a new concept is born to satisfy all your needs as a professional accordion player:

  • TRANSPORTABLE – comfortable to carry as a backpack without suffering its weight, thanks to its combination of craftsmanship with technology
  • RESISTANT – made of carbon to better protect against shock and rain
  • CUSTOMISABLE – it transmits your brand image and respects your character to be recognized everywhere

wearing accordion luxury squared carbon case


Avoid low quality textile bags, which do not protect the instrument or prevent moisture. Or rigid but heavy cases, not adapted to your accordion. Or the uncomfortable big wheels, which can damage your instrument because of the vibrations and make it difficult to access some public transport.

accordion luxury squared carbon case Batman

You can see all the options of these accordion cases on our website page. If you have any doubts or you have any suggestions on topics that you would like to see in the blog, write some lines here.

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