Top Ten Most Common Questions

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What is the difference between fiberglass and carbon fiber cases?

The primary differences are in how the materials are structured. In large pieces such as buses or airplanes, there would be a huge difference in structural characteristics. In contrast, for low volume objects such as cases, they behave similarly.

Fiberglass is less expensive and used more in sports equipment. Carbon fiber is more aesthetically pleasing and used more in items such as Formula 1 racecars.


Can they be placed in the hold of an aircraft?

No, our cases are designed for the everyday life of a musician, not to be dropped several meters down a chute and at the mercy of many other variables.


If I have a smaller or larger sized accordion, will it cost more?

Nope! The interior will be adapted to fit the size of your accordion. The instrument model does not matter.

We have tested accordions from Pigini (Sirius and Mythos), Jupiter, Bugari (Spectrum and Selecta), Scandalli (Extreme Plus), and Ballone Burini.


Can I choose a design now but attach add-ons next year?

Of course! We offer total flexibility, especially if you do not finish deciding what accessories and designs you want. You can get the case now and upgrade it when you see fit.


Will my piano accordion fit?

Currently, we only have a single mold for our accordion cases. We remove the casings and adapt our cases from the inside. We can only accommodate accordions with a maximum interior measurement of 52cm x 24cm x 49cm. This is enough for the vast majority of high-end button accordions on the market.

Right now, we can only fit the smaller models of piano accordions, not the larger models.


What do you mean by “The accordion case is divided in two”?

Accordion cases have two main housings: one for the right hand and one for the left hand. In addition, there are two small hard covers called intermediate covers, which work as accessories to the case.

It works by having each housing joined with an intermediate cover, allowing you to take the two halves separate of each other. You can purchase these as add-ons.


How much do the cases cost and where can I buy them?

The price varies based on the level of personalization, but in general, they vary from €900 + VAT to €1800 + VAT. You can order by email, including the measurements of the instrument and all the desired details of the case. Payment is made by bank transfer, normally paying 50% when the order is placed and 50% when the case is received.


What are the prices for shipping and how long does it take to get to my house?

Your case will be ready in six weeks and then we will ship it by courier from Spain. Within Europe, our cases usually ship in less than a week. Listed below are estimates of shipping prices for our accordion cases:

  • France (Paris) 50,00€
  • Italy (Rome) 75,00€
  • Russia (Moscow) 264,83€
  • Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) 230,36€
  • Denmark (Copenhage) 76,18€
  • Sweden (Estocolmo) 161.14€
  • Norwey (Oslo) 148.57€
  • Finland (Helsinki) 161.14€
  • Germany (Berlin) 74,37€
  • Germany (Munich) 74,37€
  • Romania (Bucarest) 78,67€
  • Switzerland (Zúrich) 148,57€
  • USA (New York city) 163,15€
  • Canada (Toronto) 163,15€


How can I see the cases before making a purchase?

Our workshop is located in a small Basque city that borders France, but we are often in Bilbao and San Sebastian. We also attend many major international competitions such as PIF and La Coupe Mondiale. Our address is C/ Clara Campoamor, 6. Irun

If you are interested in seeing our cases, you do not have to fly all the way to Spain. You can request an online appointment through Skype to view our cases. Another option is to organize a showroom at your local conservatory. If you get enough musicians to attend, we will come to you!


What is the maintenance service?

We want you to buy one last case, not another more! With our cases, you can opt for a touch up or a restyling to match your current personality. Just save the box your case comes in, so that it makes a safe journey back to our workshop.

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