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May 16, 2019
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Jesús Mozo Colmenero in 4 questions

LumaSuite Blog interview to Jesús Mozo Colmenero

LumaSuite Blog interview to Jesús Mozo Colmenero

I know Jesús from Irun, because although he was born in Madrid, he maintains many friendships in Donostia from his time here as a student. We met in person to look at LumaSuite’s collection of accordeon cases, where he selected the white glass fibre, the only one of its kind that circulates here in Spain.

A convinced optimist, bicycle aficionado, professor and passionate accordionist, here he gives us fine-tuned account of his relationship with music.

Are you from a musical family?

Yes, my mother, uncles and aunts are wind instrumentalists and my grandfather played the accordion. I started playing the accordion at nine years old, although I have played the piano since I was 7.

I was at a Bogdan Precz (a famous accordionist) concert and I thought, how cool, it really impressed me. That concert was where I decided to gradually quit piano and take up the accordion.

Which professors impressed you during the time you studied music?

I started with Josune Otxotorena, then with professors Bikondoa and Ángel Luis Castaño in San Sebastián.

I studied postgrad with Mika Vayrynen. Those have been my four key professors (he says with pride).

From your experience as a professor at the superior conservatories in Murcia, Aragón, Getafe and Segovia, what part of that has impacted you most?

The most awesome part is to see how, little by little, the student becomes familiar with their instrument, gaining energy along the way. It is very motivating.

It is contagious… it energizes the professor, too.

"The most awesome part is to see how, little by little, the student becomes familiar with their instrument, gaining energy along the way."
What do you see in the future of accordion music?

I think that the future of the accordion is in chamber music. In my circle of contacts I have found myself in groups of string musicians, in quartets and duos, with the cellist Ángel Luis Quintana and violinist Manuel de Juan. I love how the two [types of instruments] have bonded.

Thanks Jesús, I hope to see you in concert soon. In the meantime, see you on Facebook and in your personal website :)

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