In the lab

Do you want to know what tests the cases have passed in Gaiker's independent laboratories?

The objective of these tests is to decrease the weight of the cases, without sacrificing their thermal insulation, and if possible to improve it. So, we have selected three cores of different materials with good thermal capacities. A core is the material that serves as a reinforcement to the carbon fiber or glass: it makes it stronger in exchange for adding more weight. In summary, we are going to test the following objects:
  • a fiberglass violin case
  • a fiberglass cello case
  • the same fibreglass cello case, but thermally fatigated, i.e. after having endured the following temperature cycles: 2 hours at -20 ºC - 2 hours at 80ºC - 2 hours at -20 ºC - 2 hours at 80ºC
  • three samples of reinforcement cores of different materials with good thermal insulation, which we have chosen to reinforce the cases with lower weight
  • a violin case made with fiberglass and the core with greater thermal insulation
First, we have tested of all these materials mechanically (ensuring that they are sufficiently robust), then thermally (check that insulate against cold and heat) and finally we have investigated more ecological laminating options.

Impact and bending resistant

The video shows the impact tests, according to UNE EN ISO 179-1/2fU:2011, and flexion tests, according to UNE EN ISO 14125:1999/A1: 2011. What are they for? To be sure that the cases and the three selected different cores (reinforcements that go inside the fiber layers) are adequate for their everyday use.
"In all tests, the required values of impact-resistance and flexion are met"

Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures

The maximum temperature chosen is 80 ºC, because it would correspond to the case in a car in summer. The minimum is -20 ºC. The thermal shocks range from the maximum temperature (80 ºC) to the minimum one (-20 ºC).
These tests have been carried out at different temperatures:
  • 8 hours at -20ºC in a refrigeration room of about 8-10 m3 of volume

  • 8 hours at 80ºC in an oven (the one in the next photo)

  • 4 alternate cycles between 80 and -20ºC (80, -20, 80, -20), of 2 hours each, to simulate thermal shocks

"Both heating to 80ºC and cooling to -20ºC is quite "symmetrical" in time. In both cases 80ºC and -20ºC are reached, respectively, in around 100 minutes"
"The chosen core reduces by 15 % the weight of the violin case, under the same conditions of thermal insulation and material thickness"
"We took the opportunity to change the internal parts that suffer deformations with exposure to heat. In addition, we searched for adhesives that also adhere well at 80ºC"

And finally, sustainable

We have proven that sustainable violin cases, based on recycled carbon fiber, can be made to reduce their weight without sacrificing current performance. The recycled carbon fibre we use is a 'short fibre blanket' in all directions, and we infuse it with resin at room temperature. This resin is flexible, so that the case has high resistance to impact and minimizes cracks due to cyclic temperature and mechanical shocks. In addition, it has high chemical resistance.
"A violin case developed by infusion (vacuum resin insertion) with recycled carbon weighs 33% less than one manufactured manually in fiberglass"

Awards and acknowledgements

We have the certainty that a good design makes people happier. Therefore, we are very happy that our designer Simone has obtained the 'IF Design Award', the 'Good Design Award' and an honorable mention in the 'XXIII edizione del Compasso d'Oro'. Together, we enjoyed the Irun Ekintzan Award to the most innovative company, and we have appeared in the prestigious design magazines Abitare and Interni.
In February 2019, Ihobe, Public Society of Environmental Management of the Basque Government, recognized that LumaSuite presents rigorous evidence of having worked in materials and circularity, with which they included us in their official list of innovative projects in secondary materials, remanufacturing and circular economy.

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