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August 15, 2019
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The maintenance your accordion really needs

accordion luxury squared carbon case inside Pigini Sirius

Accordion luxury squared carbon case inside Pigini Sirius

In the previous post I spoke about the maintenance of stringed instruments, and of course, today it is the accordion's turn.

If you do not know the Jose Mari's blog of Acordeones Dumboa I recommend it. They are also in Irun as we are :) . In this blog Jose Mari has very detailed and precise information, because he is a very renowned accordion luthier. Reading this blog, I have learned that there are three types of revisions that your accordion needs. Do you want to know what they are?

Essential caring for your accordion

1. Revisions every three months you should make
  • Dust cleaning on valves and rods inside mechanics, inner folds of bellows and outside parts (buttons, keyboard, registers, box, bellows)
  • Ensuring that register switches go smoothly
  • External cleaning treatment with wax or silicones
2. Annual maintenance performed by your trusted luthier
  • Cleaning, control and adjustment of keys foraccompaniment and melody
  • Cleaning, control and adjustment of the registers and chinrests
  • Cleaning and general adjustment of voices
  • Control, treatment and change of defective sheepskins
  • Sound review (voice review)
  • Mounting and sealing check (repair of possible air leaks)
3. Professional tuning
To have your accordion tuned is crucial for a long life of the instrument and an optimal and stable sound.
After buying a new accordion, the interior wood dries and the voices adapt. This adaptation allows the sound capacity to be improved by 30%.
Why is it necessary then to adjust the pitch? So that its maximum sound quality remains stable over time.

Jose Mari, thank you really much for sharing your experience.

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  1. Greger Lindell says:

    Not for piano-accordions?

    • Maider says:

      Hello Greger, the maintenace is for piano and button accordions. The cases are for button and small or medium size piano accordions 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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