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January 2, 2020
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LumaSuite about us

LumaSuite about us

I want to end the year going crazy and sharing the most important decisions we have made in LumaSuite. I've divided it into two posts, the second one I'll publish next month. I hope you like it ;)

Design by Simone Fanciullacci and Lulumka

I met Simone when I worked in Genoa. At that time, he was mainly designing furniture and had started his studio in Milan. I love working with him after 4 years and 4 different case designs for each instrument. And still a long way to go...
I know Lucía since high school. Tremendously sensitive and very intuitive, our best choice to design the corporate image and the special collections.


As weight and comfort are our first priority, I decided on composite materials from the beginning.
After three years, we started handmaking cases with recycled carbon and ecological linen fiber because we have always been very 'green'. We must keep in mind we all live on the same planet.


During the time of entrepreneurship I have realized that not having professionals ends up being very expensive. Really. Many thanks to Iñaki and Javi Alberdi, to Koldo of Gaiker, to the team of Tknika, IFPS Bidasoa and Branka Composites... and a very long etcetera.

Rubber closure

Simone designed the first rubber closure and we made it in Italy. It was very difficult for us to find a manufacturer three years ago. Currently we make it in Zarautz and we have reduced its size, so that it weighs less and is more resistant to scratches.
We make it to measure in rubber, to be able to dye it of colors, since the normal PVC profiles are black because they are vulcanized.
Living in the Basque Country, I was always worried that the rain would not enter the cases.

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